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Nothing says Passover like a crunchy piece of Matzah. And there's no better way to serve Matzah to your Passover guests than with a beautiful designer Matzah holder from the Land of Israel. At Judaica Webstore, we offer a wide variety of top-of-the-line Matzah holders for you to choose from.

Looking for something that will wonderfully enrich your family's festive Seder meal? Check out our collection of vibrantly colored Matzah plates from top Israeli designers such as Jordana Klein, Laura Cowan, Lily Art and Yair Emanuel.

Want a Matzah holder that will directly connect your Passover celebrations to the Land of Israel? We have a wide variety of beautiful handcrafted Matzah plates and Matzah trays from Armenian Ceramics, one of the premier producers of high-quality ceramics in the Land of Israel.

For a Matzah holder that will make it easy to store your leftover Matzah until your next meal, check out our collection of Matzah boxes / tins. Stylishly decorated, each Matzah box comes with a lid, allowing you to keep your Matzah fresh and crispy between one meal and the next.

Whether you prefer a Matzah plate, a Matzah tray or a Matzah box, we are sure that you will find the perfect Matzah holder with which to serve your friends and family at your Passover Seder or any other festive meal that you host throughout the holiday!!!

You can read more about our range of Matzah trays here.

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